My dream life or vision for my life.

“Where would i live”. Somewhere tropical with warm sea water and clean beaches and wild organic fruit trees would be my bliss. “What would i do with my time”. Building the body of my dreams being muscular and lean Relaxing on the beach with some organic fruit juice and paddling in the warm sea Playing soccer outside Relaxing in a hot tub Learning entrepreneurship and investing skills still…. Self improvement, confidence and developing my self Enjoying the company of some energetic and easy going babes Experiment and create my ideas into products and formulas 🙂

Hot tub jacuzzi

Hot tub jacuzzi












“what car would you drive?”. Nissan Matte Black GT-R

Nissan Matte Black GT-R

Nissan Matte Black GT-R










“What would you contribute or give back”. I would educate others and help them become self employed Aim to feed 30 homeless men and rehabilitate them back into the right mindset Launch my holistic health products and formulas to the public Organic permaculture and gardening programs and education

tropical fun


“What would you diet be”.

Vegan.Organic. Close to nature. High in nutrients. Alkaline. Detoxing.





Collard greens

Red Cabbage

Olives Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Chia seeds

Hemp seeds

Cashew nuts

Brazil nuts

Pistachio nuts

Spanish raw peanuts sprouted

Wild apples and pears


Burro Bananna



Plums and peaches


Dandelion greens

Plus herbs and supplements when needed Herbal teas

organic tropical fruits

organic tropical fruits


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